12.2.0 Fluid Lines

The aluminum tubing comes rolled up! The first step was to get it unrolled into a straight line. Some builder used elaborate, home made roller bearing systems to help unroll it. Scott at the factory said to just clamp down one end and slowly unroll it which is what I did. I actually drilled the proper size hole in a hunk of scrap 2x4, stuck one end of the tubing in that, clamped the 2x4 down to my work table and unrolled it. It worked perfectly. I still had to mess with it somewhat to get it straight, but in the end, it was fairly easy to do.

Looking at the photo below, notice the black heat shrink tubing that starts right before the first bend. The factory supplies long rolls of heat shrink for that purpose. I’m not exactly sure the purpose for that, other than to protect the tubing from getting scratched while running it through conduit. Nevertheless, I installed it per the manual and all came out well. Getting some 11 or 12 feet of heat shrink over the tubing was quite the exercise though. It was a fairly tight fit and took a lot of pushing and pulling to get it in place.

Fuselage - Oil filter Oil Lines

Here are the two oil lines which run from the front of the fuselage all the way to the engine.

And here the lines are attached to the oil cooler. The lines seem to be good and solid, yet I’m trying to decide whether or not I should mount some hardpoints on the side of the fuselage to mount some Adel clamps for added stability

Fuselage - Oil Cooler - Oil Lines Attached

The completed oil lines are now attached to the oil filter.

There was actually a lot of prep work that needed to be done in this area before I installed the oil lines. That prep work actually shows up after this section in the manual so if you want to see what that all entails, click here.

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