2.2.2 Wing Leading Edge Rib

So, an early mistake on my part (mainly because I wasn’t aware that the factory pre-trimmed the foam cores) has come back to haunt me now as I try to install the wings in preparation for installing the strakes. I ended up having to remove the wing root so that I could properly trim the foam cores to the proper point so that the wings could be bolted to the main spar. The photo below shows the exposed foam core after one of the wing root ribs was removed.

Due to an earlier misalignment, I need to move the wing roots in slightly. Here's a shot of the blue foam before the wing root is reattached.

The amount of the adjustment was only about an inch or so but that was enough to prevent the wing from being properly installed.

This photo shows the wing root back into position after the repair.

After reinstalling the wing root rib I did a 3 BID layup over the seam to lock every-thing into place. I sanded down the finish coat of Velocipoxy first, down to the original Triax. Eventually I’ll sand this smooth and re-apply a new finish coat of Velocipoxy + Micro to blend it into the rest of the wing.

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