2.8.0 Rudders

As previously mentioned the process for cutting out and preparing the rudders is very similar to what we did for the ailerons. And it all begins with accurately marking and then cutting out the rudder from the winglet. One difference here is that the dimensions are equal on both sides of the rudder. If you remember, the bottom and top side dimensions for the ailerons are different.

First we cut out the ailerons, and now I get to cut out the rudders!

Left Rudder (1)

Even though it looks a bit rough now, this becomes a rudder soon!

After the rudder is removed from the winglet, I need to dig out wells in both the winglet and the rudder. 

Left Rudder Well Preparation (5)

Just like for the ailerons, I need to prepare wells for the rudders.

That small metal plate in the foreground, being held by blue tape, is the backing plate for attaching the rudder bell crank.

Once the wells are prepared I need to do a triple fiberglass layup. This layup strengthens the well and protects the blue foam. The rudder bell crank backing plate, shown above, also gets epoxied into place and then covered with three layers of BID.

Here we see a completed layup for the left rudder well in the winglet.

And here we see a completed layup for the left rudder.

Once the layups cure and get trimmed, I used an accurate straight edge on both edges of the rudder and well as its mate on the winglet to make sure that everything was as straight as possible. In addition, I started to test clearances between the rudder and the winglet to make sure that it works properly. These are all preliminary tests though. I can’t do the final fit until the hinges and return spring are attached. See the next page for that!

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