2.8.5 Rudder Return Spring

In order to install the rudder return spring I need to drill a 1” diameter hole into the foam exactly 5” deep. This hole is centered up 18” from the bottom of the rudder well in the winglet. And yes, it is supposed to be offset from center. Doing so provides maximum leverage for the spring.

Left Rudder Return Spring (1)

Here's a photo of the return spring already glued not place in the rudder well.

The spring gets attached to a small clip that gets bonded to the winglet at the exact same position. I was concerned that the little clip would just pull out, but once it’s epoxied into place it wasn’t about to go anywhere. And just to make sure I decided to do a double glass layup over the clip. It’s now firmly into position! That extra layup was completed after I took the photo below.

The spring in the winglet is attached to this clip in the rudder!

Finally, I attached the bell crank and mounted the entire assembly onto the winglet. In order to do that I predrilled the mounting holes in the bell crank itself, then used that as a guide to drill the holes into the backing plate. Those backing plates holes also needed to be tapped for a 10-32 bolt. It’s working pretty darn good!  Yay!

The bell crank is attached to the rudder!

Now that the rudders are finished, it’s time to install the bottom winglet covers.  Click here to see that process.

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