3.2.2 Canard Foam Cores

The spar gets mounted up high so that both the top and bottom cores can be installed at basically the same time. We start with the top cores.

Just like the wings, the foam cores need to be glued to the spar and must be level!

And here I check the other side. Notice the shim needed to get it level.

Canard Construction - Foam Cores Part 3 (1)

Here's the entire canard spar with all four foam (top side) cores in place.

Unfortunately, I forgot to take a photo showing the bottom cores in place. I had to make some special brackets out of the foam billets these cores came in to hold the cores in place while the epoxy cured.

The next step in the process is the fiberglass layup. There are three separate lay-ups that need to be done, starting here.

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