3.3.0 Glassing the Canard

Three separate lay-ups are needed to fully glass the canard.  I start with the bottom side, which is Lay-up A.

Canard Construction - Bottom Side Layup A (1)

Once the lower cores were attached, the assembly is leveled in preparation for the first of three layups.

Lay-ups ‘A’ is now complete. The epoxy is cured and it’s time to flip the canard over to glass the top side!

This side is complete - time to flip it over and glass the top side!

Here’s a closeup of lay-up ‘B’ before I apply EZ-Poxy to the fiberglass.

The glass is in place waiting for a coating of EZ-Poxy to cement it into place.

Finally, after lay-ups ‘A’ and ‘B’ are fully cured, it’s time to hang the canard vertically to prepare it for lay-up ‘C’. The canard is 15 feet long so the manual recommends inserting 1/2” electrical conduit in each side along with a couple of supports (ladders, in my case) to let it hang. In order to insert the pipe, I actually crreated a sharp edge on one end of each section (using my grinding wheel) to help it cut into the foam.

Canard Construction - 3rd Layup (1)

Once the first two layups are finished, I have to hang this thing vertically to complete the 3rd layup which completely covers the first two!

Canard Construction - 3rd Layup Continued (1)

Here's a shot from the opposite side before adding the 3rd layer of fiberglass.

Lay-up ‘C’ is now started. The triax fiberglass is in place, but the EZ-Poxy hasn’t been applied yet. This actually turned out harder than I thought it would. When applying epoxy to a relatively flat surface, I pretty much just pour it on and spread it around. In this case I couldn’t do that since it would all just run off, so I hard to brush it on bit by bit.  The entire process took a couple of hours! Ugh!

Canard Construction - 3rd Layup Fiberglass in Place (1)

This is one continuous piece of fiberglass and it was a real pain getting it place!

This final lay-up took about two days to fully cure. I also ran into an unexpected problem which, while fairly easy to resolve, was also a pain to do! I’ll talk about that a bit more in the next section. Now it’s time to build the elevators!

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