3.4.3  Canard and Elevator Primary Finish Coat

The canard and elevators are built so that means it’s time to apply the primary finish coats to all surfaces.  Here we have the bottom of the canard with its finish coat just about complete, along with the first side of both elevators.

The canard and elevators are built and now it's time to finish and sand and finish and sand...

More finishing and sanding to come before work begins on the mechanicals (which are somewhat complex) for attaching the elevators to the canard. That process starts on the next page!

So, let’s jump ahead a couple of years. The canard and elevator construction was actually finished in early 2018! It’s now 2021 and I’m at the point where I’m starting to do finishing work on the canard and elevators. The original finish work I did was, shall we say, preliminary. It’s now time to get these as close to perfect as possibly, so that means I need to add more Velocipoxy and Microballoons to rid the surfaces of any ripples. I’m using a thinner mixture in the photo below to try to smooth out those surfaces.

IMG 2390

More finishing work on the elevators. I'm trying to get them nice and flat.

Once I was happy with the flatness of the elevators (that means more sanding and filling!) I decided to start applying a prime coat to them. This primer needs to be sprayed on and, not being an expert spray painter by any stretch of the imagination, it took me awhile to get the spray gun set up properly and to learn how best to use it. The photo below shows the first few coats of prime. They still need to be sanded down and I’ll most likely apply at least a couple more coats to make sure that they are perfectly smooth.

IMG 2394

Getting serious now - I just applied the first coat of primer to the elevators!

There’s still more work to do here so stay tuned. I’m also getting ready to spray the primer on the canard so I’ll be adding more photos for that as well.

Jump ahead one month and the canard and elevators are now finished. It took quite a few coats of PolyFlex UV primer to get it all done, but I finally made it! Naturally, spraying the primer made any other remaining defects really stand out, so it was back to filling and sanding. I’ve gone as far as I plan to go, so the canard is all back together (elevators attached again) and awaiting reinstallation in the fuselage. See the photos below for what the finished canard (still without paint, of course) looks like.

The canard and elevators are complete. Primer is done! This is the bottom side, just waiting to be reinstalled!

And here's the top of the canard. It's sanded down to 400 grit for now. That's plenty smooth!

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