3.4.5  Elevator Hinge Installation

The first step is to lay out the hinge locations on both of the elevators as well as the canard.

In preparation for installing hinges, the elevators need to be properly lined up with the canard.

Once everything is marked, it’s time to start installing the hinges.

Here I'm using a string line to make sure that all of the hinges line up with each other.

The hinges get riveted and bolted to the elevators. Since I can’t get my fingers inside of the tube to hold the nut, the manual recommends making some sort of nut holder.

Canard Elevator Hinge Nut Holder

Ok, it's a bit crude, but effective. Each hinge uses a bolt and nut (in addition to a couple of rivets and structural epoxy) to firmly hold it in place. This tool holds the nut inside of the torque tube while attaching the bolt!

Once all of the hinges are attached to the elevators, it’s time to install the hinge arms to the canard. That’s coming up next!

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