3.4.6  Canard Hinge Arm Installation

Installing the hinge arms takes some patience and some accurate measuring!

Canard - Hinge Slots

The elevator hinges are now installed. The hinge brackets are temporarily attached to the hinges and are used as a guide for cutting slots in the canard for the hinge. I also made another crude, but effective, template out of cardboard for cutting out those slots.

Before beginning the alignment process, the manual recommends cutting down one of the supplied I-beams into two foot long sections. You can see these in the photo below. They are used to help keep the elevators level and aligned with the canard. While the manual recommends using lead weights to hold everything in place, since I live in the mountains there’s no lack of heavy rocks available for the taking. They worked perfectly!

Canard & Elevator Alignment

Everything needs to be perfectly aligned before epoxying in the hinges.

Canard & Elevator Alignment (1)

I'm using an old rake handle to keep the elevator torque tubes aligned. It was a perfect fit!

Once the arms are installed in the slots I previously cut in the canard, I need to epoxy them into place. The slots are small so once again it’s time to break out the syringe!

Canard & Elevator Hinge Installation

Time to get the old syringes out again - this time to inject the epoxy into the small hinge slots.

There are a total of eight hinge arms - four for each elevator. However, there’s also a center hinge arm that is used to tie both elevators together with the concentric torque tubes. (See 3.5.0 for that process.) The center hinge arm is actually two regular hinge arms glued together at the factory. This hinge arm is installed using the same process as before - cut a slot and epoxy it into place. Getting that slot properly positioned and aligned is a bit tricky!

Canard & Elevator - Center Hinge Installation

Once the epoxy cures for the eight elevator hinges, it's time to install the main center hinge. Once again I'm using a string line, as well as an I-beam, to make sure that the center hinge is precisely aligned with the other hinges.

Canard & Elevator - Center Hinge Installation (1)

Here's a closeup shot showing the string line and the I-beam clamped to the center hinge while the epoxy cures.

Once the center hinge arm epoxy cures, it’s time to install the concentric torque tube and get those elevators cranking!  See the next page for that process.

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