3.5.0 Canard Final Prep for Elevators

At this point, I’d completed the sanding needed to obtain the required 24° to 26° downward swing and the 28° upward swing. See the sidebar note to the right.

Canard & Elevator - Concentric Torque Tube Alignment

The concentric torque tube attaches to the center hinge as well as to the individual torque tubes in the elevators.

Canard & Elevator - Concentric Torque Tube Alignment (1)

Here's another view of the concentric torque tubes.

There are two concentric torque tubes - one for the left elevator and one for the right. Getting these aligned and then bolted through the elevators proved to be challenging. Obviously they want a tight fit. As best I can tell there is no slop between elevators - thank goodness!

The last step in the process involves the attachment of the lead counterweights. One would think that that would be fairly easy, but one would be mistaken! 😒 There were multiple issues here - wrong hardware called out in the manual (some of which wasn’t included in the kit, so it was time for an Aircraft Spruce order) and the wrong procedures called out in the manual (it only talks about four counterweights while the kit was supplied with six)! A few calls to the factory along with some head-scratching and we got it all figured out. Nevertheless, the counterweights are now installed and everything appears to be working properly.

Canard & Elevator - Counterweights Installed

The final step is installing the counterweights. There are both outboard and inboard lead weights. Here's a view of one of the outboard counterweights. A section of the outboard canard needs to be removed to make room for these counterweights.

Canard & Elevator - Center Hinge Counterweights

Here's a closeup view of the center arm counterweights attached to the concentric torque tube brackets.

Finally, here’s a photo showing all of the completed lifting surfaces!!! Other than finishing and installation to the fuselage, the wings and canard are now complete!

Lifting Surfaces Completed!

Both wings and the canard are now finished. Progress!!!

Coming up next - lower fuselage bulkhead installation!

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