4.2.2 Bonding 

The first bulkhead to get installed is for the canard. You can see it epoxied into place in the photo below. I’ve also pre-sanded areas where fiberglass layups are added for additional strength.

Fuselage - Canard Bulkhead (1)

The canard bulkhead is now installed and epoxied into place using structural epoxy. In the back you can also see the conduits in place.

Fuselage - Canard Bulkhead Aft (1)

And here's a photo of the aft side of the canard bulkhead, again showing the conduits epoxied into place as well.

Here, the engine and landing gear bulkheads are also epoxied into place. That engine bulkhead is strong. In addition to being made out of fiberglass, the factory adds plywood in certain areas for added strength.

Fuselage - Engine & Gear Bulkheads (1)

The engine and gear bulkheads are installed in the aft part of the lower fuselage, as shown here.

The space between the two bulkheads eventually holds the gear saddles and the main landing gear itself.

Fuselage - Engine Bulkhead (1)

Eventually the engine mount attaches here to this bulkhead!

Once all three bulkheads (as well as the conduits) are epoxied into place, fiberglass layups are completed in order to add additional strength to the bonds and to provide additional support.

Now that the bulkheads are in place, once everything cures it’s time to cut and remove the lower rear cowling. That starts here!

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