4.2.9 Landing Light

The first step is to cut out the opening for the landing light. The photo below shows the rough cut for that opening. The flange is used to bond the acrylic cover for the landing light to the fuselage.

The cutout for the landing light is pre-marked. I still need to do some final filing here.

The landing light holder still needs a lot of work. A hole needs to be cut in the flat end to mount the actual LED fixture to. As I mentioned on the sidebar, I accidentally ordered the wrong lamp so before I cut this opening, I need to wait for the proper one to arrive.

Fuselage - Landing Light Holder (1)

The landing light holder is temporarily in place awaiting the cut for the actual lamp. I'm installing an LED landing light instead of the old-style incandescent as supplied in the kit.

And here's the front view (not yet installed in the fuselage) of the LED lamp in its holder.

Fuselage - Landing Light

It's kind of a Rube Goldberg-ish installation, but it works. I'm using a Whelen LED landing light instead of the incandescent lamp supplied with the kit.

Coming up next - installing the fuselage rear windows and windshield!

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