6.3.0 Front Seats

The first step in building the seats is marking the bottom seat pan for attaching the rails. I’ve done that here, but I may have to adjust this somewhat due to the rail modifications that I made.

Fuselage - Front Seat Pans

This is the bottom pan for one of the front seats. I'm laying out the location for the seat rail assembly.

Once the bottom pans are marked, it’s time to install the seat adjuster mechanism. This turned out to be more of a pain than I thought it would. The factory pre-installed hardpoints for mounting the adjuster but there are no reference marks for aligning it. I ended up making a template of sorts to hold everything in place so that I could accurately mark and drill the mounting holes.

Fuselage - Front Seat Adjustor Installation

This adjustment mechanism permits the backside of the front seat to be adjusted and moved forward for access to the rear seats.

Fuselage - Front Seat Adjustor Installation (1)

And here's another view of the adjustor as it's being installed.

Once the adjustor was mounted to the bottom seat pans, mounting the seat backs was fairly straight forward.

Here's a photo of one of the completed front seats. All it needs is upholstery!

Fuselage - Front Seats Completed

And here's a closeup photo of the back pan attached to the adjustment mechanism.

Once that was finished it was time to move on to the seat rail modifications. I’ll tell you, Aircraft Spruce sure likes builders because we spend a lot of money on extra stuff for our kits! The modification is fairly simple. I added some 3/4” square 6063 aluminum to the actual rails. I drilled and tapped the aluminum for bolting that aluminum to the rails.

Fuselage - Front Seat Rails

I'm modifying the seat rail installation to make the front seats easier to install and remove.

Fuselage - Front Seat Rail Modification

Here's another view of the first step in the modification - installing 3/4" square aluminum.

Once that was finished, I cut and prepared the aluminum u-channel. Eventually the u-channel gets mounted to the hardpoints in the fuselage. (Yet to be installed because I’m waiting for a modification from the factory to get around one of the hardpoints being right over the speed brake hinges!)  In the meantime, I’m test fitting everything to make sure it works properly.

Fuselage - Front Seat Rail Modification (1)

Here I'm showing the four u-channel aluminum pieces that eventually gets mounted to the floor. The rails then get inserted into these.

Fuselage - Front Seat Rail Modification (2)

And here's the finished product, looking from the bottom of the adjustors. You can see the quick release pins installed through the u-channel and 3/4" aluminum bars.

Fuselage - Front Seat Rail Modification (3)

A closeup view of the quick release pins.

Those darn quick release pins cost $20 a piece! Yikes! But they are good and sturdy so I guess it’s worth it!

Until I can install the hardpoints, this is as far as I can go for now with the seats. More to come later!

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