6.3.2 Seat Belt Hardpoints

After measuring for the hard point locations, the factory-supplied hard points are initially epoxied into place using structural epoxy + flox for added strength. In the photo below, the hard point on the left is for one of the belts while the one on the right will hold the retraction mechanism. The main reason for holding off on installing these was to make sure that my hard point locations matched what the seat belt manufacturer designed

IMG 2160

Seat belt hard points pre-layups.

There are three hard points per seat belt. Two of them are for each end of the belt while the third is for the retractor. The photo below shows the 2nd seat belt hard point. The hard points shown above are attached to the side of the fuselage while the hard point below is attached to the keel.

IMG 2161

Another hard point for the seat belts.

The next step is to add EZ-poxy plus Microballoons to ease the edges and fill in the gaps followed by a 3-BID fiberglass layup over each to add strength. The photo below shows the layups over two of the hard points - the one on the left (black bolt) is for the retractor mechanism and the one on the right (silver bolt) is for the seat belt itself.

IMG 2162

More seatbelt hardpoints - the left one is for the retractor mechanism and the one on the right is for the belt itself.

Now that the rear seats are finished I need to install the hard points for those seat belts. That’s coming later!

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