6.3.4 Rear Seats

The first step for building the rear bench seat is to cut out the bulkhead that the bottom of the seat rests on. It is pre-marked from the factory, but I double-checked those markings and adjusted accordingly. The two oval holes lighten the assembly some and also provide an airspace (and some storage???) under the seat. They did not line up with each other so I corrected that. The photo below shows the finished product.

IMG 2163

This is the lower bulkhead for the back seat.

And here is a photo of the bottom seat pan which is pre-molded at the factory. I had to do a bit of sanding and marking to locate and install the bulkhead.

IMG 2172

I'm prepping the lower part of the back seat for the installation of the bulkhead.

Here’s the finished product. The bulkhead is now epoxied to the lower part of the backseat. In addition, there are a couple of layers of BID on each side to strengthen the connection between the two pieces.

IMG 2176

The back seat bulkhead is now attached to the bottom back seat pan.

The backs for the backseat come in two halves. It’s a 60/40 split, as you can see. The next photo explains why that is. In any case, I had to get both pieces aligned before drilling the 3/4” holes so that I could pass the support tube through. I just used a long 1x2 board along with some clamps to get it all aligned.

IMG 2181

The factory supplies a long tube that holds the two halves of the back seat backrest together. I had to get the holes lined up so I used this 1 x 2 board to help line everything up.

The photo below shows all of the brackets used to hold the seat bottom and backs in place. The reason for the 60/40 split is because of the placement of that center support bracket attached to the floor. It can’t be in the middle because the keel is in the middle! And actually, it’s probably more comfortable for three people with that kind of a split so that the middle person isn’t sitting on the crack between the seats!

IMG 2182

There are two supports for the rod that passes through the seatbacks on each side of the fuselage - seen here in the lower third of the photo. The bracket sticking up from the floor supports the rod in the middle. The left and right brackets toward the top left and right of the photo supports the back of the seatback.

IMG 2188

The rear seat seatbelt hardpoints are now installed.

I’m waiting to install the entire backseat assembly until I get the keel cover finished and keel cap finished. I’ll add a photo when that’s all completed

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