6.5.0 Speed Brake Actuator

There’s actually not that much to show. The factory-supplied actuator gets attached to the speed brake itself and to the top of the keel. Because I’m building my system with the cut-down keel, the speed brake needed an extension of the supplied bracket in order to firmly attach it to the keel. It’s not pretty, but it works!

Also, the hole through the bottom of the fuselage needed to be elongated for the movement of the actuator. That meant more crawling around underneath with my Dremel tool to grind out a larger opening.

Here's a closeup view of the actuator and the sensor switch.

The photo above shows the final installation. The photo below shows my homemade bracket for holding and positioning the sensor switch. The factory supplies the microswitch, but they don’t supply a bracket for it. Apparently not everyone installs the switch. The photo below shows the simple bracket I made for holding the switch and attaching it to the side of the keel.

Fuselage - Keel - Speed Brake, Sensor Switch Assembly

The kit provides the switch but no instructions on how to install it, so I made this little assembly.

There’s more keel work to be done later in Section 7.2.0 when the nose gear assembly gets installed. For now, there’s more prep work to be done on the upper fuselage. Click here for that!

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