7.1.5 Bushings & Bolts

I’d already measured and checked the distances for the gear leg, but now it needs to be locked in place so that I can accurately drill the holes for the bolt bushings and sleeves. The photo below shows the contraption I used for locking everything into place.  Once again, clamps and tie wraps to the rescue!

The next step is to install the hardware for locking the gear into place, but first, the gear itself needs to be locked into place. Thank goodness for tie wraps and clamps!

I’m not showing the entire process of drilling the various holes since they’d be hard to see in the photos, but here you can see the final result. There are bushings on each side - the one here is mounted in the gear bulkhead while the other one is mounted in the engine bulkhead. In between is a steel sleeve that the main gear bolt passes through. 

Fuselage - Installing Gear Saddles Step 5

The ferrules are in place as is the steel pipe that holds in the bolt. The gear are now locked in!

Fuselage - Main Gear Legs Installed

And here's a view from the back showing the gear legs installed and bolted into place!

Now that the main gear is installed, it’s time to install the nose gear. That requires the final installation of the keel, which I’ve held off doing for any number of reasons. The keel installation process is found in Section 6.2.0 so feel free to jump back there if you wish. Otherwise, the next step is installing the nose gear.

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