8.2.0 Nose Wheel Installation

While this part of the installation looks to be rather simple, it turned into a bigger problem than I thought it would. The gear fork would not slip over the gear leg shaft! It had protective paint on it which I knew I had to remove, but even with that off, the fork just would not fit. I finally called the factory and Chad told me I just have to keep sanding until it does fit. Well, ok, I did that but still could only get it on about half way.

Finally, I got out my precision measuring device (a digital caliper) and found the problem. The factory press inserts a brass bearing into the fork. Well, one end of that opening was smaller than the other. Not by much, mind you (a few thousands) but nevertheless, enough to keep it from sliding on. So, I gently started to sand the tight end of the brass fitting, testing it often (I didn’t want to go too far) and finally, after about an hour or so of messing with it, it finally slid on perfectly. The fork fits perfectly now to the gear leg. There is no wobble so I know I didn’t go too far. After greasing it up, I installed the fork to the leg, mounted the tire, and the end result is below.

Fuselage - Nose Gear

The nose gear is finally attached properly, now that the missing phenolic washer arrived!

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