9.3.5 Fuel System Venting

The fuel system and vent lines are tied pretty tightly together. In the photo below, the vent lines include all of the upper tubing as well as the upside down ‘U’ tube. There are three vent outputs: one from each tank and one from the sump tank at the bottom of the photo. All three tie together at the cross coupling, the wrap around the ‘U’ tube and then down to an exit at the bottom of the fuselage. In case that exit gets clogged, there’s an emergency vent coming off of the T-connection. That’s a one-way valve to prevent fumes or fuel from getting into the cabin.

Wings - Fuel System - Fuel Lines

Completed fuel and vent lines in the back of the fuselage.

And speaking of the vent where it exits the bottom of the fuselage, see the photo below.

Fuselage - Fuel Tank Vent Line

The fuel tank vent line sticking out of the bottom of the fuselage.

That’s the venting system for the Velocity. It’s fairly simple and easy to build.

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