9.6.2 Wing Strake to Beam Support

The first step is to use the factory-supplied template to mark and cut off the leading edge section of the strake that gets attached to the doors. You can see that that’s already been done in the photo below.

Wings - Strake - Strake Pocket Bulkhead 1

Prepping for the installation of the strake pocket bulkhead.

The factory supplies a greatly oversized template for cutting out the foam. That means there’s more trimming and sanding to get it down to size. And as I mentioned in the sidebar, I also had to heat the foam with a heat gun so that I could bend it into shape to match the profile of the carbon beam. I ran the heat gun on low. I didn’t want to take the chance of melting the foam or my hand!

Wings - Strake - Strake Pocket Bulkhead 2

Using the factory supplied template for laying out the strake pocket bulkhead.

Initially, the manual recommends using hot glue to hold it in place before doing the internal layup. You can see the little blobs of hot glue in the photo below. I also cheated and pre-fiberglassed this side of the foam. You’re supposed to do that later, after it’s installed, but this way I get a nice, tight fit. I still need to apply edge layups once the backside cures.

Wings - Strake - Strake Pocket Bulkhead 3

After a lot of cutting, sanding and fitting, the bulkhead is installed.

The inside layup consists of four layer of UNI (unidirectional fiberglass). I precut all of the UNI to match the profile of the foam as well as the overlap onto the fuel bulkhead (left, in the photo below) and enough to wrap around the carbon beam. Eventually I’ll be adding a 2” wide strip of BID to both the top and bottom of the bulkhead to firmly lock it in place. The layup in the photo below is still covered in peel ply.

Inside view of the bulkhead installation. This layup uses UNI fiberglass (4 layers) which is a real pain to work with!

The strake pocket needs a slight covering at the bottom, shown in the photo below. Some pilots store stuff in this little pocket. You can’t get much in there though! It still needs a bit of finish work!

Wings - Strake - Strake Pocket Bulkhead

The strake pocket is attached and ready for some finish work.

There’s still more to come here. Stay tuned! The next step is attaching the  leading edge part of the strake that got cut off to the doors. See the next page, Section 9.6.3, for that process.

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